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Telkom’s wholesale division, Openserve, has announced it will cut the price of IP Connect, the platform that provides Internet service providers with access to its copper-based broadband ADSL network. The price cut should lead to lower

This is a turn up for the books. Telkom, through its newly formed Openserve wholesale and networks division, has announced it will peer with other operators and service providers through the neutral Internet exchange point, NAPAfrica. NAPAfrica, which is located

South Africa is likely to have more than 360 000 active fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections by 2019, new research has found. According to BMI-TechKnowledge, which has published a new report entitled “The Fibre Land Grab: the Status of FTTx in South Africa”, open

Telkom’s open-access wholesale infrastructure company, Openserve, has announced plans to deploy fibre-optic broadband infrastructure to 10 000 homes in Pretoria East. Surburbs such as Faerie Glen and Garsfontein will have access to fibre

Any Internet service provider that is worried that Telkom’s newly spun-off wholesale and network services arm, Openserve, will provide unfair advantages to the telecommunications operator’s retail arm is welcome, at any time, to come and study the company’s books

In this week’s episode of TalkCentral, podcast hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg chat about Telkom’s decision to create Openserve. Also on the show this week, we chat about technology shares on the JSE – and one or two non-tech shares, too – and talk about the idea (good or bad?) of a national open-access wireless network

Two years ago, we set out on a journey to transform Telkom, to turn the company around and to place it on a path to long-term growth and sustainability. Very little about the last two years has been easy

On the same day that Telkom announced it is spinning off its wholesale and networks division as a new company called Openserve, one of the company’s fast-growing rivals, fibre-to-the-home provider