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South African technology consumers were disappointed when French telecommunications giant Orange pulled the plug on its local online retail store in 2016. But now Telkom has launched a similar store, promising

The MTN group is getting a new procurement and supply chain chief. Dirk Karl, currently senior vice president of network technology at Deutsche Telekom and Orange procurement joint venture Buyln, will join the Johannesburg

Cell C’s future will be decided by this time next week. That’s when the mobile operator must complete a planned restructuring in terms of which Blue Label Telecoms will take a 45% stake in the debt-laded mobile operator. But there’s now

Orange is seeking deals in Africa as France’s biggest wireless carrier targets the continent as a source of additional revenue growth, according to a company official. “We are looking for acquisition opportunities in

Apple has hitched itself to music celebrities to pitch Apple Music, the US$10/month (South Africa: R59,99/month) digital service launched a year ago. There was the very public catering to Taylor Swift. Apple broke out its

Inside a packed Vodafone Group store in the Zambian capital of Lusaka, a group of the city’s tech-savvy students wait in line for wireless modems they hope will transform their ability to surf the Internet. They don’t even

Africa’s start-ups are seizing an opportunity they say Google and Apple have missed – making apps for non-smartphones. In a region where the average customer doesn’t own a smartphone or a bank card, hundreds of millions