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Orange eyes SA online radio, video

Online radio and video entertainment are big new areas of focus for French telecommunications giant Orange in South Africa. The company already runs a popular online store and a network of Wi-Fi hotspots in the country, mainly in the

Facebook has sympathy for operators

Facebook and other so-called over-the-top service providers cannot put propositions on the table that are not profitable for mobile operators and doing so would be “contrary to our goal”. That’s the view of Chris Daniels, who heads, the Facebook-led initiative to bring affordable Internet

Orange to ramp up SA presence

French telecommunications giant Orange plans to launch its own-branded retail stores in South Africa before the end of the year and intends launching an Internet service provider business here, too. Until now, Orange has had a retail presence through Nashua Mobile outlets, but the future of this partnership was thrown into doubt earlier this year when

Mobile VOD in Africa on cusp of boom

Balancing Act Africa research counts 73 video-on-demand platforms operating in Africa — on the Internet, via satellite or through mobile applications. Mostly, these are “over the top” services with the vast majority set up by independent providers. Although they may have operating alliances with mobile

Cameroon’s broadband dead end

Cameroon has offered mobile operator Viettel a year’s monopoly on the operation of the country’s first 3G network. But Viettel is no ordinary operator. It’s owned by the Vietnamese government and operated by its ministry of defence. Readers will recall I wrote about the wholesale network and landing station monopoly enjoyed

Duncan McLeod
The screws turn on Cell C

Should we be worried about Cell C? Despite a recent high court ruling that was at least partly in the mobile operator’s favour, noises coming out of the company aren’t exactly painting a rosy picture. There are several reasons for concern, chief among them the ability of the company to engage in a protracted price war while ensuring it

Orange plays down Nashua impact

French telecommunications group Orange is playing down the impact on it of the expected imminent closure of Nashua Mobile, in whose stores it was building a brand presence. Nashua Mobile parent Reunert said on Monday it had entered into agreements to sell its subscriber base to MTN and Vodacom, and that it was engaged

Orange store to open SA warehouse

France’s Orange, which until recently had been flirting actively with the idea of becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in South Africa, is moving fulfilment for its popular online store, launched in the country last year, from London to Johannesburg

Orange talks up SA Wi-Fi plans

French telecommunications giant Orange, which has said previously that it is interested in playing more aggressively in South Africa’s telecoms industry, has announced plans to launch a Wi-Fi network in the country through its Orange Horizons subsidiary. In a statement, the company says it will launch what it’s

Gaelyn Scott
Orange wins SA trademark appeal

On 22 November 2013, the supreme court of appeal (SCA) handed down a rare trademark judgment. It’s marked on the judgment as one that’s not worth reporting in the law reports, which is a great pity given that is of considerable importance. The case pitted international telecommunications operator Orange against a local accounting

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