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The writers who craft songs for artists from Garth Brooks to Beyonce plan to tell a panel of US judges this week that the increasing popularity of music streaming services like Spotify will destroy their profession unless

Long a symbol of Internet-era value destruction, the music industry has scratched and clawed its way to an impressive milestone: an estimated 100m people now have streaming music subscriptions that they pay for each month. That’s more than

Subscribing to international music and video streaming subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix outside the regions for which they’re intended may breach the terms of service between content distributors and the owners of that content. But as long as South African users pay their monthly fees, their

With a credit card, a broadband connection, some (usually) simple instructions, and using one or more of a selection of clever applications or browser plug-ins, South Africans can subscribe to US video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and

Social networking site Twitter is expected to launch a new music discovery application this weekend, while Apple is reportedly finalising deals with major labels before entering the streaming music space to take on Spotify and Pandora, which are a growing threat to the iTunes Store. There’s a