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Telkom slashes wholesale ADSL prices

Telkom’s wholesale division, Openserve, has announced it will cut the price of IP Connect, the platform that provides Internet service providers with access to its copper-based broadband ADSL network. The price cut should lead to lower

Telkom chops wholesale prices

In terms of a consent agreement with South Africa’s competition authorities, Telkom on Thursday unveiled further tariff reductions for certain wholesale products, including a sharp reduction in international bandwidth prices. Effective from 17 October, Telkom Wholesale will reduce the tariff for

Telkom uncaps its broadband

Telkom’s Internet service provider, TelkomInternet, has unveiled a “bouquet” of uncapped fixed-line broadband services, starting at R219/month. TechCentral revealed the operator’s plans to introduce uncapped services on Thursday

ISPs to pay for Seacom downtime

Seacom has secured alternative capacity options for its customers, but Internet service providers will be charged a “small premium” to use them. A fault on the Seacom cable between Mumbai in India and Mombasa in Kenya cut off many Internet users on Monday, with repairs expected to take a week or more.