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Motorola Razr review: top-heavy powerhouse

Remember the Razr? It was Motorola’s incredibly popular series of super-thin flip phones that sold more than 130m units, making it the most popular “clamshell”-style phones in the history on the mobile device industry. Well, the Razr is back, at least in name if not in design

Duncan McLeod
This changes everything

The level of competition between smartphone manufacturers and the companies that make the software that powers these devices is awe-inspiring to watch. It is fuelling innovation not seen in the technology industry since the early days of the personal

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Samsung Galaxy Note: awkward and awesome

There’s simply no getting away from it: the Samsung Galaxy Note is huge! With 5,3 inches of screen real estate, it’s also quite the attention grabber. That attention elicits one of two responses. The first of these is awe and envy. The other is laughter and derision

Samsung Galaxy Note in SA: pricing and details

Is it a tablet? Is it a phone? Actually, it’s a bit of both. Samsung Electronics has launched what it’s calling the first and largest 5,3-inch high-definition “Super Amoled” smartphone in SA. This is a beast of a phone. And it has a beastly price tag: expect to have to

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The 55-inch D8000: Samsung’s TV stunner

With its razor-thin silver bezel, crisp LED-illuminated screen and best-in-class 3D playback, Samsung’s 55-inch D8000 (UE55D8000) is a treat for the eyes, if not for the wallet. This top-end, Internet-connected “Smart TV” from the Korean electronics giant

TalkCentral: Episode 51 – ‘Uncapped fever’

This was undoubtedly the week for uncapped broadband news, with MTN, Telkom and iBurst all announcing new products. Your TalkCentral hosts, Duncan McLeod and Craig Wilson, unpack all the announcements and what they mean. Also in this week’s podcast, we

BlackBerry’s Fleischer follows Liebenberg to Samsung

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) is losing its second regional director in four months to rival Samsung Electronics. Craige Fleisher, RIM’s regional director for Southern Africa, will be joining Samsung Electronics Africa on 1 October, TechCentral has

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: better than the iPad?

Anyone who’s been been shopping for a tablet in recent months will know that for all their bells and whistles, no Android-based tablet has yet been able to quite match up to the Apple iPad. No tablet, that is, until the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Close inspection reveals

PND makers navigate an uncertain future

Are the days of GPS-powered personal navigation devices (PNDs) numbered? With Google Maps Navigation now offering SA Android smartphone users free turn-by-turn navigation and Nokia’s Ovi Maps offering live traffic information, it’s hard to see how standalone

Craig Wilson
Android on your iPhone

There’s less and less separating mobile handsets from one another when it comes to the hardware that powers them. So, what happens when users can decide for themselves what operating system software they want to run on their phones? Just looking at the latest

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