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Samsung unveils Galaxy Beam with built-in projector

Samsung kicked off its Mobile World Congress presence by revealing two new devices on Sunday morning: a larger, 10,1-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 2 Android tablet, and the intriguing (and baffling) Galaxy Beam, an Android smartphone with a built-in projector. Given Samsung’s propensity for delivering tablets

Galaxy S III may sport 4,8-inch display, ceramic rear

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is beginning to feel like the next iPhone, at least when it comes to rumours. The latest report pegs the phone with a 4,8-inch screen — 0,2 inches larger than Google’s Galaxy Nexus — and a luxurious ceramic back, sources tell the mobile site Boy Genius Report. The large screen size wouldn’t

Buy Samsung apps via SMS

Consumers can now purchase applications in the Samsung Apps Store for Android using premium SMS rather than a credit card. The company hopes this will encourage users without credit cards, or those reluctant to use one for application purchases, to use the store. “Until now, the only way to purchase from

Patents and mobile devices: Frand or foe?

Go ahead, but we’re watching you. That, in effect, is what competition authorities in America and the European Union told Google on 13 February. Last August, the search engine giant agreed to buy Motorola Mobility, a maker of mobile phones with 17 000 issued patents and 6 800 pending, for $12,5bn. Neither

LG gets in on the ‘phablet’ game

LG Electronics at the weekend unveiled its new 5-inch device that blurs the line between phone and tablet. It’s called the Optimus Vue. Before Samsung released its Galaxy Note , the term “phablet” wasn’t in our vernacular. But since the Note measured in at 5,78 inches tall by 3,27 inches wide with a

Taiwan’s HTC sails into stormy waters

The next quarter will be tough going for Taiwan’s HTC as it tries to recover from its first big fall in profits in two years. HTC reported revenues of NT$101,42bn for the fourth quarter, but the company projects revenues of up to 36% less in the first quarter, from NT$65bn to NT$70bn (US$2,20bn-$2,37bn)

Television makers: cracking up

Remember the old joke about the dim tailor who makes a loss on each piece of clothing but hopes to make it up in volume? That describes the market for flat-panel screens for televisions. None of the companies that produce liquid crystal display (LCD) panels — Samsung and LG Display from South Korea

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Samsung Galaxy Y review: budget BlackBerry lookalike

We really like the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Android-powered smartphone for one simple reason: its price. Although it is incredibly cheap at just R1 499, it doesn’t have the nastiness that so often accompanies budget handsets. For the price you get a physical keyboard, combined with a full-colour touch display

OLED TVs take centre stage at CES

Both LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics used the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event in Las Vegas this week to introduce 55-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) television sets. But the technology is far from new. Research into causing organic

Ultrabooks: Macbook Air knock-offs or real revolution?

If 2011 was the year of the tablet computer, 2012 looks set to be the year of the Ultrabook, chipmaker Intel’s term for next-generation, ultra-thin and portable laptops running Windows. But are these machines a desperate reaction from a PC industry trying

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