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It’s been a busy week for Apple. While CEO Tim Cook showed off the 10th anniversary iPhone in California, his lieutenants worked half a world away on what may become the company’s largest deal ever. Apple is in talks to invest

South Africa is set to become the first country outside the US to offer Seagate’s new storage cloud solution when it is launched later this month by the American company’s local partner, Sithabile Technology Services. Seagate Storage Cloud will be hosted at Teraco

A few years ago, I needed a new hard drive for my media centre. It became an agonising ordeal. Storage was expensive, but eventually a 1TB hard drive started costing only around R2 000. I jumped in, bought the drive and never looked back. It was my last personal storage

The world of connected everything is fast approaching. It’s a world where everyday objects, from a toothbrush to our glasses, are able to communicate, save and share data. This is a time of great innovation, with an avalanche of ever-smarter devices beginning to move our way, generating more and more

Former Altech executive Wayne de Nobrega has quietly taken the reins at Sithabile Technology Services, a systems integration company that specialises in data storage, recovery and backup. De Nobrega, who sold his business

Hard drive manufacturer Seagate has become the first company of its kind to reach the storage density of 1Tbit (a trillion bits) per square inch, an incredible milestone that will lead to even larger hard drives, including a 60TB drive. The company was able to achieve the new density with a technology called heat-assisted