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High-profile former First National Bank chief information officer Mike Jarvis, who led a dramatic modernisation of the bank’s IT systems and who left SA in 2000 to return to his native Britain, has returned to the country. Jarvis has established a new business with former Symantec regional director

In the wake of news that a highly complex piece of malicious software, apparently developed by a nation-state government and targeting computers mainly in Iran, information security specialist Symantec warns that the number of malware attacks is soaring across the board. Earlier this week, Iran admitted it

Is your fancy new smartphone behaving strangely? Don’t just shrug it off. Security experts warn that as phones become more like computers, they’re becoming a target for the writers of malicious software

Android smartphone users are being warned of a new Trojan that could send their bills skyrocketing. The Android.Pjapps virus is spread using hacked versions of legitimate applications that are hosted

Internet Solutions (IS) and Symantec have partnered to build a multimillion rand data centre in Johannesburg that will provide hosted data security services across Africa. The companies have declined to disclose the value of the investment. But the new data centre is essentially a replica of Symantec’s own data centres in other parts of the world, says Symantec’s VP for hosted services in the EMEA region, Jesper Frederiksen.

JSE-listed Blue Label Telecoms has partnered with international security software provider Symantec to pilot its mobile phone security suite in SA. Blue Label co-CEO Brett Levy says Symantec approached Blue Label to act as distributor of the product in SA. “It is a good opportunity for us because people can no longer ignore security risks on their phones,” says Levy.

In a development laced with irony, Symantec’s World Cup 2010 website has fallen victim to the same spam threats it’s constantly warning its own customers about. The company unveiled its 2010 Net Threat site just before the start of the soccer spectacle, using it to detail a variety of World Cup-related information security threats.