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German car makers are eyeing Elon Musk’s lunch

Elon Musk started Tesla with a goal of accelerating the switch to electric cars by about a decade. That wish is now catching up with him. Starting with Jaguar’s I-Pace crossover and later this year Audi’s Q6 e-tron, virtually every

Naspers and Tesla: invest or ignore?

On the surface, locally listed media and Internet behemoth Naspers doesn’t have much in common with US electric vehicle producer Tesla. But scratch below the surface and the companies have more in common

Electric buses go mainstream

Electric buses were seen as a joke at an industry conference in Belgium seven years ago when the Chinese manufacturer BYD showed an early model. “Everyone was laughing at BYD for making a toy,” recalled

Tesla’s woes dent Elon Musk’s fortune

One of the worst weeks in Tesla’s 15-year-history has sapped Elon Musk’s net worth and made the moonshot goals underlying his US$2.6bn award seem all the more audacious. The electric car maker’s stock

Elon Musk pulls SpaceX, Tesla off Facebook

Elon Musk is hopping on the #DeleteFacebook digital bandwagon. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX tweeted Friday that he wasn’t aware there was a Facebook page for his rocket company. After being asked by a

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