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Deadly Tesla autopilot crash fuels debate

US regulators are investigating a fatal accident involving a Tesla Motors sedan that was driving on autopilot, drawing scrutiny to a key technology the electric-vehicle maker is betting on for the future of self-driving cars. The crash

Elon Musk, rocket man

The South African born, billionaire mega-techpreneur Elon Musk is actually human — but you might not think so after reading Ashlee Vance’s superb biography. We often think we know someone better after we read a book

David Glance
Apple’s earnings: no, the sky isn’t falling

Apple has reported its first decline in revenues and income for the past 13 years. The market and media has reacted predictably with an 8% fall in Apple’s stock price. From an investor’s perspective, the decline in sales of the iPhone is a signal of worse

How Musk is winning the electric car race

Tesla Motors has already established its electric cars as fast, well-sized and capable of competing with petrol cars in how far they can go without needing a recharge. Now, the US firm run by South African-born billionaire Elon Musk appears to have countered

Tesla Powerwall now available in SA

The first Tesla Powerwall in South Africa has been installed in Johannesburg, according to authorised reseller Dako Power. The company plans to gather and use data based on the performance of the initial unit to market the rechargeable

Tesla Motors said to set up SA office

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors looks set to establish its first presence in South Africa, it was reported on Friday. Tesla is planning to set up a local office early in the new year. The plan is not to sell Tesla’s high-end electric cars in South Africa – not yet, at least – but rather

As cars go driverless, why still own one?

The transition to fully driverless cars is still several years away, but vehicle automation has already started to change the way we are thinking about transportation, and it is set to disrupt business

The downside of the battery economy

The recent unveiling by Tesla founder Elon Musk of the low-cost Powerwall storage battery is the latest in a series of exciting advances in battery technologies for electric cars and domestic electricity generation. We have also seen

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