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Musk sells $5m in flamethrowers to fund tunnels

Anyone tracking the number of businesses Elon Musk is involved with can add one more to the list: merchandise. Specifically, a flamethrower. His tunneling start-up, Boring Co, started selling a branded weapon online over the weekend

Ferrari plans electric supercar to challenge Tesla

Ferrari will make a battery-powered supercar to challenge Tesla at the high end of the electric-auto market, CEO Sergio Marchionne said. The race-car maker, spun off from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, has been expanding its line-up

Elon Musk accidentally tweets his cellphone number

Elon Musk gave his 16.7m Twitter followers what he meant to send to the chief technology officer of virtual reality company Oculus: his phone number. “Do you have a sec to talk? My cell is …” Musk wrote from his account on Tuesday

Invest in bitcoin, even if it is a bubble

With bitcoin approaching the $10 000 mark and Coinbase, the bitcoin exchange, boasting more accounts than brokerage Charles Schwab, some preemptive consolation and advice are in order for people who stand to lose lots of money in

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