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TalkCentral: Ep 147 – ‘Decrypted’

On TalkCentral this week, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg chat about the court judgment against Faith Muthambi over set-top boxes. Also this week, there’s a fire at Icasa’s offices, thieves are

The new Top Gear reviewed

An episode of Doctor Who, one of the BBC’s other flagship shows, once saw Clara Oswald jumping into the Doctor’s time stream, getting split up into multiple versions of herself across the fabric of time and space. “The soufflé”, she explained

Can Top Gear survive without Clarkson?

The much anticipated return of Top Gear to the BBC raises a big broadcasting question: is the post-Jeremy Clarkson version doomed to fail or will it help sustain the brand’s success? The stakes are high for the corporation. Top Gear is widely

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For the BBC, Top Gear dare not fail

The BBC is revving up for the return of a reformed Top Gear, one of its most popular and profitable programmes, with a new cast of presenters. The revamped show will be broadcast more than a year after Jeremy Clarkson left following his verbal and physical assault

Watch: Jeremy Clarkson’s first work with Amazon

Amazon is ready to deliver packages to customers using drones. And it’s getting Jeremy Clarkson to tell you – and the regulators who need to approve the technology – all about it. Clarkson, a former co-host of the hit BBC motoring show Top Gear (he was fired for punching a producer), signed a

Jeremy Clarkson to rev your GPS engines

Personal navigation device manufacturer TomTom has released a Top Gear edition of its Go Live personal satellite navigation device. The device features the voice of Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson. The 4,3-inch touch screen device also supports TomTom’s traffic information