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China’s Didi breaks records with $5,5bn funding

Ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing raised more than $5,5bn from investors, scoring the single largest round of funding on record to bankroll an expansion beyond China and into driver-less technology. Didi disclosed the financing in an

Uber promises flying taxis by 2020

Uber Technologies hopes to one day operate a network of flying cars. On Tuesday, the ride-hailing company laid out some aggressive plans to get closer to its first flight. Officials in Dallas

Google’s self-driving cars to hit the streets

After almost a decade of research, Google’s autonomous car project is close to becoming a real service. Now known as Waymo, the Alphabet self-driving car unit is letting residents of Phoenix in the US sign up to use its

Lyft drivers sue Uber over ‘spyware’

Lyft drivers have accused Uber Technologies of illegally tracking their whereabouts using spyware code-named Hell to gain a competitive edge in the ride-hailing market. Uber engaged in “illegal, surreptitious and

Lifting the lid on Uber’s financials

Uber Technologies isn’t required to report its finances publicly, but the privately held company has decided to forgo that luxury for the first time. Uber said its revenue growth is outpacing losses, hoping to show the business is on a strong

Uber loses another senior executive

Uber Technologies CEO Travis Kalanick is struggling to hold onto his top lieutenants as the company faces an onslaught of scandals. Rachel Whetstone, who led policy and communications under Kalanick

Uber to suspend autonomous car tests

Uber Technologies is suspending its self-driving car programme after one of its autonomous vehicles was involved in a high-impact crash in Tempe, Arizona, the latest incident for a company reeling from

Uber in renewed vow to fix its culture

Uber Technologies plans to outline diversity goals and publish the results of a sexual harassment investigation over the coming weeks, part of a commitment to fix its corporate culture. A report on

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