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Uber wants SA transport laws changed

Internet ride-sharing service Uber wants government to formally introduce a category that would cater to transporters who use technology. On Tuesday, Uber headed to parliament to present

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Airbnb set to disrupt SA’s hotel sector

For all the attention garnered by Uber, with given cars being impounded, drivers being attacked and politicians being confused at how to regulate, there’s another disruptor rapidly – but quietly – being embraced in South Africa: Airbnb. And here there aren’t

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What to make of Uber and Airbnb

An angry crowd has attacked Uber cars with bars and stones outside Mexico City airport, the latest in a series of worldwide protests against the ride-hailing app. More than a thousand taxi drivers blocked streets in Rio de Janeiro a few days ago, and the service has

Uber extends olive branch to taxi drivers

Uber wants metered taxi drivers to join the ride-hailing platform that has seen some success in South Africa. “Our technology is open and pro-choice and we are keen to offer it to a broad number of taxi drivers to boost their occupancy rates and chances for

Taxi grouping slams violence against Uber

The Western Cape Metered Taxi Council (WCMTC) has rejected violence in light of increasing tensions between metered taxi drivers and ride-hailing application Uber. “We are opposed to all violence, and we will protect the rights and safety of customers and

Unregistered Uber taxis to be impounded

Gauteng MEC for transport Ismail Vadi has sent out a stern warning to Uber on Wednesday, saying unregistered taxis would be impounded. “Uber vehicles will have to register with us,” said Vadi. “If they are unregistered, they are operating illegally

Warning as Uber intimidation mounts

Two Uber customers who were intimidated by metered taxi drivers outside the Sandton Gautrain station on Monday had a warning for fellow fans of the app-based service. Shaken but not stirred

Cosatu slams Uber’s business model

Uber is coming under increased pressure as trade union federation Cosatu is now taking aim at the Internet ride-sharing service. Opposition to Uber has become evident among rival metered

Zapacab helps taxis take on Uber

Resurrected start-up Zapacab plans to equip local metered taxis with technology to help them be more competitive against Internet ride sharing service Uber. Uber has been in the spotlight

Taxi industry cries foul over Uber

Mobile phone taxi service Uber has become the latest target to feel the heat in the fight for dominance over South Africa’s transport sector. The growing opposition by other taxi operators to the service is now pressuring

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