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Resurrected start-up Zapacab plans to equip local metered taxis with technology to help them be more competitive against Internet ride sharing service Uber. Uber has been in the spotlight

Mobile phone taxi service Uber has become the latest target to feel the heat in the fight for dominance over South Africa’s transport sector. The growing opposition by other taxi operators to the service is now pressuring

Rival metered taxis are allegedly intimidating drivers and passengers of Internet service Uber outside Gautrain stations in Johannesburg. This is according to a number of passengers who have taken to social media to complain

Internet ride-sharing service Uber has notched up over 13 000 signatures on Friday as part of a petition targeted at raising “awareness” over its permit problems in Cape Town. Over 200 Uber cars have been

Uber is not concerned over Johannesburg officials mulling new regulations for the Internet ride sharing service in the city. On Tuesday, Bloomberg reported that the City of Johannesburg is consulting with

Traffic officials have so far impounded over 200 Uber cars in Cape Town during 2015, according to the Internet ride-sharing service. In January, it was reported that over 60 cars were impounded in the

Transport network company Uber has enjoyed explosive growth in the past year in South Africa, with local users of its application taking more than 2m trips in the first six months of 2015. That compares t