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Apple may end up big loser in battle with Tencent

Apple has long proved adept at negotiating China’s notoriously challenging market, responding to fickle consumer tastes and unpredictable regulation far more adeptly than its competitors. But a recent decision to start taking

WhatsApp makes first foray into payments

Facebook’s WhatsApp is getting into digital payments in India, a first for a global messaging service that’s only just begun to explore ways to generate revenue. It’s chosen to kick off that maiden effort in India, a market

WeChat makes play for the Western world

WeChat, China’s most popular social media and messaging service, has launched a new bid in Europe and the US to develop its payments offering and win new advertisers. Owned by Tencent Holdings, in which South Africa’s

Money transfer comes to Facebook IM

International money transfer service TransferWise has announced an integration with Facebook’s Messenger that will let people set up foreign exchange transactions over the chat service. London-based TransferWise launched the technology

Naspers’s Tencent dominates in messaging

Tencent Holdings’ messaging services were by far the most popular Chinese mobile apps in 2016, leading steady growth in the world’s largest Internet and smartphone market, the government’s online industry overseers said on Sunday. WeChat remained the most

WeChat soon a threat to the iPhone?

The biggest long-term threat to the iPhone isn’t Android, Samsung Electronics or China’s bevy of cheap phone makers. Instead, it’s a deceptively simple idea: apps work better if you embed them in a single program, rather than

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All hail Facebook, the copycat king

Another day, another moment to be in awe of Facebook’s ruthless genius. Facebook on Monday announced a way for people to use its Messenger texting app for group video calls. You may recognise this feature from the many

Naspers sees education as new growth market

Naspers plans to expand in education software as Africa’s biggest company by market value searches for a repeat of the profitable bet it made on China’s Tencent. The owner of Africa’s biggest pay-television

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