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Woolworths has launched free Wi-Fi for customers in 85 stores nationwide, with additional connections planned by early 2018, the JSE-retailer said on Thursday. The decision to offer Wi-Fi comes on the back of strong growth

Although online retail counts for less than 1% of South Africa’s total retail revenue, local e-commerce players are betting on a rapidly maturing market that is moving online with increasing confidence. According to a recent survey released by advisory firm PwC, the

Vodacom, the top-rated company in the Reputation Institute’s annual National RepTrak Pulse survey last year, has fared “particularly poorly” in the 2014 edition of the survey, falling to sixth position and behind rival MTN. The survey found that there has been a “bloodbath” in company reputations, with the exception

Food and clothing retailer Woolworths has revamped its online shopping portal and now offers consumers “almost everything” that is available for sale in its physical stores. The Cape Town-headquartered retailer has become the latest major brand to build a website with a

As if hacker affiliations weren’t complicated enough, the so-called official Anonymous group of South Africa on Wednesday denied any alliance with Team GhostShell, the Internet group which on Tuesday posted just over 100 separate documents with private information from companies including Sasol

South Africa needs to be saved and freed from corruption, says Team GhostShell, and luckily it has assembled a “strong force” of hacktivists equal to the task. That force will now break into government information vaults and bring to light the evidence that will reveal corruption and nefarious doings