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Google’s video platform is making celebrities out of regular South Africans and generating income for them, with some making in excess of R100 000/month. Use of YouTube in South Africa is growing exponentially, particularly on mobile devices, which now account for a quarter

Google’s popular YouTube video service is now available in Zulu and Afrikaans. The SA version of the site, at, was launched in May 2010 and was the first localised YouTube edition in Africa. The Internet giant took the wraps off the Zulu and Afrikaans

Africa’s road to high-speed broadband is being achieved in leaps and bounds. Every week brings news of another piece of the jigsaw fitting into place. This week it’s the completion of the national fibre backbone in one of Africa’s larger markets. However, there’s still

Social video service Zoopy, often referred to as SA’s version of Google’s YouTube, has decided to take its business in a new direction. As of today, the company no longer accepts user-generated video uploads and

Online retailer is opening its Kindle e-book reader to third-party application developers. The announcement comes less than a week before Apple is expected to announce a tablet device that will compete with Amazon in the e-book market