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Telkom kills hard-capped broadband


Telkom Internet users on capped packages who reach their monthly data limit will no longer be limited to browsing local websites from 1 February. They will also be able to access international websites and services. Telkom Internet is the fixed-line operator’s Internet service provider.

Customers will have their speed reduced and their connection will be shaped to prioritise traffic like e-mail, banking and browsing and to deprioritise high-bandwidth applications such as peer-to-peer file sharing and streaming. All data consumed using this “soft cap” will be free.

Those customers wanting to resume full-speed downloads can top up their data allowance by buying prepaid data or by upgrading to a higher cap package.

Consumers can also opt for Telkom’s post-paid pay-per-use model where they are billed for data consumed. Customers using the pay-per-use option will be allowed double their chosen cap limit, but will be unable to change this limit. Those who choose this option can request the soft cap at any time by visiting Telkom’s Internet usage tracker tool on the company’s website.

Pricing for Telkom’s Internet products remains unchanged. Telkom’s consumer-focused “Do” packages will no longer have daytime speed limitations but will remain shaped.  — (c) 2013 NewsCentral Media

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