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Telkom’s Internet service provider, Telkom Internet, is stepping up the battle with rivals, announcing on Wednesday that it will double subscribers’ data allocation between October 2015 and March 2016. The promotion means that Telkom Internet’s data

Telkom and DStv parent MultiChoice have reached an agreement in terms of which subscribers to the telecommunications operator’s Telkom Internet ISP will get a “free”, Internet-connected high-end Explora personal video recorder (PVR) decoder. Under the promotion, which will run for six months from 23 November

Telkom is again upping speeds for broadband digital subscriber line (DSL) users and, in some cases, is also adjusting its prices. The move comes just a day after group CEO Sipho Maseko told TechCentral that speeds of up to 10Mbit/s may soon represent the entry-level tier of broadband offered by

Telkom’s retail Internet service provider, Telkom Internet, has launched two new uncapped promotions, Do Gaming and Do Movies, that offer users uncapped capacity to selected services, whether or not their existing subscription is uncapped. The promotions run until

Consumers are unlikely to feel the effects of Telkom’s latest wholesale price cuts because Internet service providers (ISPs) have already cut their prices in anticipation of the reductions, industry players have told TechCentral. Telkom Wholesale on Wednesday announced various

Consumers who have been looking forward to Telkom’s new 20Mbit/s and 40Mbit/s digital subscriber line (DSL) broadband products are going to have to dig deep for access to the ultra-high-speed network. Prices from the country’s

In response to the announcement by Telkom last week that its Internet service provider subsidiary, Telkom Internet, was slashing the cost of both consumer and business uncapped digital subscriber line (DSL) broadband data, rival MWeb has hit back with new packages and lower tariffs that undercut Telkom’s

There’s no denying that cutting the cost to communicate is good for South Africa. Cheaper and more ubiquitous communications have a direct and measurable economic impact. This is one of the reasons government wants to have every South African online by the end of the decade. Part of government’s

MWeb, the Internet service provider owned by media group Naspers, is assessing Telkom Internet’s dramatic broadband price reductions, announced on Thursday, and has told TechCentral it will respond with product announcements of its own early next week. This comes after

Telkom has historically been a follower when it comes to cutting broadband prices, but the fixed-line operator looks determined to lead the charge in 2013 with aggressive price cuts from its Internet service provider (ISP) business, Telkom Internet, whose new uncapped consumer broadband prices