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Regulators, including Icasa and the Competition Commission, will have to be pragmatic and lenient about a looming expanded tie-up between Cell C and MTN South Africa if the former isn’t going to go to the wall.

The news that Google and US chip makers have frozen the supply of critical software and components to Huawei will have severe consequences for businesses and consumers, including in South Africa. By Duncan McLeod.

Vodacom’s fees and the complex set of rules related to its implementation of Icasa’s data expiry regulations are hellishly confusing, are anti-consumer and ultimately represent an own goal by South Africa’s largest mobile operator.

With Vodacom’s head office in Johannesburg set to be the site of protest action on Thursday by people supporting the operator’s ex-employee, Nkosana Makate, hot-headed politicians would be well advised to avoid inflaming tensions for political gain.