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How safe is Microsoft Windows? After all, the list of malware that has caused major headaches worldwide over the last 15 years is long – viruses, worms and Trojans have forced computers to shut down, knocked Korea offline and even overloaded Google’s servers. Now, how safe

You’ve probably got the fruits of this year’s Nobel laureates’ handiwork in your pocket. In fact, if you’re reading this on your phone or a relatively recent flat-screen monitor, you’re more than likely staring at some of them right now. But what is a light-emitting diode? Fundamentally, the simplest

The price of bitcoin has crashed to below US$290, its lowest since November 2013, and far below its all-time-high of $1 242 later that same month. For about three hours the price sat below $300. This relatively mundane observation is actually merely the tip of the iceberg for bitcoin

The profits generated by some technology firms are awe-inspiring, serving as beacons for those at less fortunate enterprises. Devices have accounted for a large part of that success, particularly smartphones. But challengers trying to follow this route to profits are likely to be disappointed

It’s interesting to see the storm of pique and indignation Apple’s watch has generated. Some critics have dismissed it as nothing more than a fashion accessory. Even the BBC, that staid bastion of technical neutrality, had two articles pushing a general disbelief that the watch

The classic videogame Tetris, in which players slot a cascade of tumbling blocks together, is being turned into a science-fiction movie, the project’s developers said on Tuesday. Tetris has been a mainstay of computer gaming since it was

Greed is still good. Wall Street has just witnessed its largest ever stock market launch as Chinese Internet giant Alibaba raised some US$25bn and watched its share price rise by 35% on its first day’s trading. It says

Liberalised markets create competition, and that means more operators. But the growing array of these voice and data providers can’t operate in isolation: they have to connect to each other. In Nigeria, Medallion Communications has stepped in to meet this need. The larger and more complex

A first and quite reasonable thought readers may have will be to wonder: what is bash? When you use a computer you probably interact with it through a point-and-click, visual interface such as Windows or Mac OS. More advanced users or specific tasks might require a text-only interface, using typed commands