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ICT white paper a big risk to SA [podcast]

In this episode of the TechCentral Podcast, Duncan McLeod speaks to Africa Analysis MD Dobek Pater about the ICT policy white paper.

Pater explains why he believes the white paper is a threat to South Africa’s ICT sector, how it could lead to a monopoly over infrastructure (see article) and why, in his view, it requires radical surgery before it can become law.

The discussion ranges from the proposed national wholesale open-access network to plans to allocate all high-demand spectrum to this new operator.

Dobek Pater

Also in the podcast, Pater talks about why he thinks the network neutrality provisions contained in the white paper risk undermining investment and harming consumers. You don’t want to miss this interview.

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    Hi Barry, whats your email address? I need your advice on something network related. 🙂

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