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MTN Group has become a battleground issue for Nigerian politicians vying for ascendancy ahead of a national election in February, with $10-billion worth of claims made against the South African wireless carrier.

The average price for voice and data paid by Vodacom customers in South Africa fell by 17,6% and 15,4% in the past year, the telecommunications group said in a regulatory filing on Wednesday. The declines happened because “significantly more

Government’s national integrated ICT policy white paper, if implemented as it stands, will lead to the creation of an infrastructure monopoly that will ultimately harm both the industry and consumers. That’s the view of Dobek Pater

In this episode of the TechCentral Podcast, Duncan McLeod speaks to Africa Analysis MD Dobek Pater about the ICT policy white paper. Pater explains why he believes the white paper is a threat to South Africa’s ICT sector

The national ICT policy white paper does not pass constitutional muster said Leon Louw, executive director of the Free Market Foundation. Louw, speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, slammed the white paper