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Interview: Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos

A national wholesale open-access network, as proposed in government’s ICT policy white paper, is the best way of bringing down the price of broadband in South Africa. However, the white paper has problems that, if not addressed, will lead the industry to court.

These are the views of Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos, who speaks in detail in this podcast interview with TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod about the state of South Africa’s telecommunications industry, with specific reference to ICT policy. (Stream or download the podcast below.)

In the podcast, Dos Santos talks about the planned recapitalisation of Cell C, how the deal with Blue Label Telecoms, which is buying 45% of the company, came about, and touches on its recent financial results.

The conversation also covers network neutrality and mobile termination rates, which Dos Santos believes should be cut to zero, plus plenty more. It’s essential listening for everyone interested in the telecoms space in South Africa.

Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos

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  1. Alison Gillwald on

    Infrastructure sharing the future (5G) but does not only equate with exclusive open access wireless network. Not clear at all what the investment incentives are for the OAWN that Dos Santos favours. Who builds this “massive great open network” Dos Santos refers to? There has been no public consultation on open access in the national Integrated ICT policy paper. Is the Deloitte ‘hybrid’ model ‘agreed’ to by industry and government referred to by Dos Santos available to the public? Rural areas could be covered at a fraction of the cost of 5G using white space (dynamic/secondary spectrum) and if non-use of 3 and 4 G allocated to current operators in rural users was made available to alternative providers (community self-provision ready to scale) right now?

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