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Mustek launches Windows 7 tablet

JSE-listed technology distributor has unveiled a Windows 7-based tablet computer, the Mecer Xpress, on the same evening Apple announced the iPad 2.

But Mustek says the Mecer Xpress is aimed at a different market to the Apple product. The company’s chief technology officer, Dimitri Tserpes, says the Xpress slate is aimed firmly at the business market.

The Xpress, which will is available at prices starting at R5 959, ships with Windows 7 Home Premium, and is upgradeable to the Ultimate edition of Microsoft’s operating system.

The 990g device, made by China’s Megatron, has a 1,6GHz Intel Atom processor, a 32GB solid-state hard drive, an 11,6-inch LCD TFT display (resolution: 1 366×768 pixels), 2GB of RAM, USB port and mini HDMI port. It comes with Wi-Fi support; 3G connectivity is an optional extra.

According to Tserpes, the Xpress slate can be upgraded to future versions of Windows. Microsoft is expected to unveil a tablet-specific version of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system later this year.

Battery life of the new tablet is about three hours, significantly shorter than the 10-plus hours of battery offered by the iPad. But Mustek emphasises the Xpress slate is not aimed at the same market as Apple’s popular product.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. No really- 3 hr battery life; windows 7? These guys werent serious about taking on the tablet market. Plus its more expensive than the ipad. Then most execs i have seen are styling with their ipads- so business market?

  2. @nyasha Indeed. It’s just the hardware makers tearing the top off a netbook and trying to make some easy money. MS hasn’t made its tablet play yet. They unveiled their embedded Windows Mobile relative today, Windows Embedded Compact, and Windows 8 will have an ARM version, beta should hit around mid-year. Those are their real plays for the tablet space. At that point, there will be no reason for business types to consider anything else.

    The news sites have to live on a 24 hour cycle, but in reality companies work off strategies that take months or years to pay off. The whole “XYZ killer” rubbish created by the press is just to create headlines and fluff stories. The companies work on the successors for current dominant cometitor products, not kneejerk reactions to try and attack a thriving market. This tablet is a kneejerk reaction by a 3rd party.

  3. Seriously, is this the best South Africa can come up with? Most new tablets are coming with dual cores, even the cellphones are and we offer a 1.6GHz with a 3 hour battery life? Priced close to the iPad’s and you say it is for a different market? Which market is this? Fools? Seriously, step up your game. I’m itching to buy a tablet, but this is not good enough.

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