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Netflix said to confirm SA launch plans


A spokesman for Netflix has reportedly confirmed that the online video-on-demand service will be launched in South Africa before the end of next year.

This follows news on Wednesday that the online video pioneer intends aggressively stepping up its international expansion strategy, growing the number of countries in which it operates from 50 to 200 in the next 24 months.

“Our international expansion strategy over the last few years has been to expand as fast as we can while staying profitable on a global basis,” CEO Reed Hastings said in a letter to shareholders on Wednesday.

“Progress has been so strong that we now believe we can complete our global expansion over the next two years, while staying profitable, which is earlier than we expected. We then intend to generate material global profits from 2017 onwards.”

Hastings said Netflix had learnt a great deal about the content people prefer in different markets.

“Acceleration to 200 countries is largely made possible by the tremendous growth of the Internet in
general, including on phones, tablets and smart TVs. We intend to stick to our core ad-free subscription model. As with our initial round of international expansion, we’ll get some things wrong and do our best to fix them quickly.”

On Thursday, an online forum site, MyBroadband, said it had received confirmation from Netflix that South Africa was among the countries it intended expanding to.

“We have not provided details of when we plan to go where, but you can be confident South Africa is among the countries we intend to serve sometime in the next two years,” the company reportedly said.

TechCentral was not immediately able to verify the veracity of the statement with Netflix.

Although a number of South African consumers already subscribe to Netflix, they have to use technical trickery or subscribe to virtual private networking services to gain access as is not officially available here.  — (c) 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. Greg Mahlknecht on

    While I share your wishes, Netflix isn’t the company to do It. With under 1mil ADSL users, and probably only half of that capable of streaming, we’re looking at a max of 7% DSTV subscriber base leaving (they have 7mil subscribers). It seems about 40% of DSTV subs are premium – sport and current shows being the content they’re after, which Netflix can’t compete with – so that means we can realistically expect Netflix to steal under 3% of DSTV’s user base at an absolute best case scenario.

    We need a really good broadcaster to break DSTV’s monopoly. Streaming TV isn’t going to help us in the short-medium term 🙁

  2. I appreciate your informed and objective insight, disappointing as the prospect may seem. It just annoys me no end that DSTV can delay/withhold international content without an effective challenger. I have noted the “alternative” access routes to Netflix, but I would prefer to operate above board, to my detriment.

  3. Now all we need is ADSL penetration and an educated informed public…. O i forgot this is South Africa!

    True story – My parents in law, completely tech-clueless have disconnected their DSTV and only watch Netflix on my shared account, there is hope!

  4. It would appear to be a matter of interpretation, or believing what you would like to be the case. Being interested in exploring these options, and from what I could gather, the question of regions specifically prohibits content to be beamed to the RSA. Hence the need to circumvent the “normal/direct” registration channels. One quote that I came across that one would effectively become a “paying pirate”. This is what we have been reduced to. So unfortunately paying for an “illegal” service does not seem to make it right. At least that is the way it seems?

  5. Bob The Builder on

    Can we not change the word months to days? If only live sport could be incorporated with VOD though.

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