If there was any doubt about South Africans’ interest in the results of last week’s election, the traffic numbers from News24 – more than 102 000 concurrent users and 8,5TB of data served in two days – should put that to rest. According to the statistics from website analytics firm Effective Measure, News24, which is ultimately owned

This week’s blistering attack on Google by, the Cape Town-based digital publishing arm of JSE-listed media and technology giant Naspers, in which it accused the US company of dodging taxes in South Africa, is just the latest such attack by a Naspers company. In 2011, Brazilian

A unit of media giant Naspers has launched an extraordinary and blistering attack on Google, accusing the US Internet giant of not paying its fair share of taxes in South Africa. It says Google is making it hard for local digital publishers to compete because it transacts through an offshore entity

The folks who run Google+ want you to just be yourself. In fact they’re so serious about you being yourself, that they will kick you off their playground unless you use your real name. How do they know if your name is real? Well, it’s obvious, right?

Initial reports suggest alarms monitoring heating in the Johannesburg data centre housing’s entire Web presence was to blame for the downtime experienced by News24 and