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China smashes e-commerce record

Internet giant Alibaba broke its own sales record of US$9,3bn during China’s “Singles Day” 24-hour online shopping binge on Wednesday, defying fears of an economic slowdown in the world’s

Andy Marken
Old Hollywood battles the tech upstarts

As long as you don’t think about it too hard, today’s entertainment is great. Think just a little and it’s actually amazing — you can watch it in a theatre; on your television set (old-fashioned pay TV or “over the top” on the Internet); and on your computer, tablet and smartphone

Kalahari, Takealot to merge

Two of South Africa’s largest online retailers – and longstanding adversaries – have agreed to merge., owned by JSE-listed media and e-commerce group Naspers, will be folded into, the e-retailer that recently secured US$100m from investment firm

Alibaba feeding frenzy depressingly familiar

Greed is still good. Wall Street has just witnessed its largest ever stock market launch as Chinese Internet giant Alibaba raised some US$25bn and watched its share price rise by 35% on its first day’s trading. It says

Alistair Fairweather
China’s Alibaba slinks onto US shores

As Internet access spread across the globe, a handful of giant American corporations ended up dominating industries. Google in search, Amazon in online shopping and Facebook in social networking. The one market that has proved consistently immune to these titans is China. Now, one of China’s homegrown Internet giants

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