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Call rates battle coming to a head again

Communications regulator Icasa has settled on the model it intends using to calculate call termination rates as the court-imposed deadline nears for it to draw up new regulations that govern the rates, which operators charge each

Sibisi, Gillwald named to broadband council

Communications minister Yunus Carrim has named CSIR president Sibusiso Sibisi and Research ICT Africa director Allison Gillwald as chair and deputy chair respectively of a new National Broadband Advisory Council, which has been established to advise the minister on the implementation of South Africa Connect

Experts say call rates should be even lower

The markets recoiled at news that call termination rates between cellular operators will decrease, seeing it as a boon for consumers and small cellphone operators in particular. But experts say – citing supporting data – that South African cellphone communication is still too expensive

Slash wholesale call rates – research

Reductions in mobile termination rates, the fees operators charge each other to carry calls between their networks, has had a direct impact on the retail price of prepaid telephony in South Africa, but tariffs are still far higher than elsewhere in Africa and further big cuts are needed

Incumbents not hurt by rate cuts – Gillwald

Reductions in the fees that mobile operators charge each other to carry calls between their networks have not hurt them financially, as they claimed they would. Nor have they led to higher retail prices, lower investments or retrenchments in the sector. These are some of the

No respite for wounded Telkom

Telkom’s R449m fine handed down this week for anticompetitive practices could be only the start of its problems. Senior competition lawyers are expecting a string of damages claims from its competitors. The Competition Tribunal found Telkom guilty of anticompetitive practices, which opens

Alison Gillwald
Busting myths about SA’s high mobile prices

The reaction of various interest groups to a year-long study by Research ICT Africa into prepaid mobile prices across the continent and SA’s relatively poor showing in it are perhaps not surprising. They nevertheless prompt clarification and hopefully further debate before the issue of the high price of communications in SA is again swept

Controversy at policy colloquium

The department of communications’ colloquium to discuss a review of policies governing SA’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector saw controversy on Friday after a commission set up to discuss telecommunications at the two-day event appeared to have failed to delve meaningfully into the issues it was

New sub-sea cables to drive down broadband prices

Consumers can look forward to even cheaper broadband prices, with many new undersea cables set to come online within the next 18 months. It is unclear how much of a decrease is likely, but talk in the industry is of a 10% to 20% drop in local prices

More criticism of telecoms law amendments

Instead of taking away oversight and management of SA’s radio frequency spectrum from the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) and centralising it in the office of the minister of communications, government should be trying to assist