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Verizon’s US$4,8bn deal to acquire Yahoo and merge it with AOL has stalled following a widespread hack of 500m Yahoo users. But AOL CEO Tim Armstrong believes the deal will ultimately close. “I’m cautiously optimistic that it will happen

Last week, prominent tech site Gigaom ceased operations with the terse note that it “recently became unable to pay its creditors in full at this time”. Started in 2006 by Om Malik, the site had raised about US$40m over that period to create a technology news site, an IT

Eight leading American technology companies have joined forces to demand changes be made to US surveillance laws, calling for current laws and practices to be reformed in light of revelations of mass surveillance of Internet users’ activities by the National Security Agency. In a letter

Michael Arrington may not be a household name outside of the technology sector, but if you run a tech start-up anywhere in the world, he might as well be a god. Coverage in his six-year-old blog, TechCrunch, has become the gold standard for getting noticed by both investors and

Arianna Huffington must be smiling from ear to well-groomed ear right now. You would be too if you’d just suckered a struggling Internet giant into paying you US$315m for a site you started in 2005