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Interview: BBM CEO Matthew Talbot

In this episode of the TechCentral podcast, Duncan McLeod chats to Matthew Talbot, global CEO of BBM (you may know it better as BlackBerry Messenger). The service is now owned by Indonesia’s Creative

Why Telkom went nuclear on mobile

Telkom has signalled it’s ready for a serious fight with its bigger rivals, this week taking the wraps off aggressively priced, 4G/LTE data-led mobile packages for both prepaid and contract customers that look set to have its bigger rivals

Telkom detonates bomb on mobile rivals

Twenty gigabytes of mobile 4G/LTE data a month, free on-network calls, 1 500 minutes of free calls to other networks, zero-rated WhatsApp and Viber, free SMSes, and free and unlimited Wi-Fi access at

The $10bn app you’ve never heard of

A Japanese messaging app called Line has filed for an initial public offering valued at nearly US$10bn. For an app almost unknown outside Japan it’s an audacious move. However, messaging is there simply to suck you into Line’s mobile world, where the real profits are made. Unlike its rivals, it is already

Duncan McLeod
WhatsApp, WeChat in race for IM dominance

There’s an online land grab of the sort not seen since the dot-com bubble taking place in the global instant messaging (IM) market. WhatsApp Messenger, WeChat (partly owned by South Africa’s Naspers), Hangouts, Skype and BlackBerry Messenger, along with several smaller

Vodacom takes aim at WhatsApp

As consumers increasingly turn to WhatsApp, WeChat, BlackBerry Messenger and other free applications for instant messaging, South African operators may finally be gearing up to fight back over SMS volumes they have lost to IM players

Bad omen for Android

Hidden in the debacle that was BlackBerry’s first-round aborted attempt at launching its BlackBerry Messenger chat service onto Android and Apple phones, is a lesson that shows how Android is ultimately doomed unless Google takes drastic action. The highly publicised “porting” last month

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