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Bitcoin crushed every other currency in 2016

Bitcoin, that nebulous digital currency that trades in cyberspace and is “mined” by code-cracking computers, emerged as a better bet this year than every major foreign-exchange trade, stock index and commodity contract. The electronic

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The big problem with bitcoin

The anonymity of bitcoin gained it myriad adherents among anarchists and drug dealers around the world. Now, though, it’s looking like the digital currency isn’t quite anonymous enough. Consider the sudden

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Forget bitcoin, monero is surging

Forget bitcoin. There’s a new digital currency that is surging as online drug dealers begin adopting it to conduct business with more anonymity. The two-year-old currency monero has more than quadrupled this month after gaining

Bitcoin sinks after $65m heist

Bitcoin plunged after one of the largest exchanges halted trading because hackers stole about US$65m of the digital currency. Bitcoin slumped by 5,3% against the dollar as of 10.17am on Wednesday in

Demystifying the blockchain: a basic guide

Most people agree we do not need to know how a television works to enjoy using one. This is true of many existing and emerging technologies. Most of us happily drive cars, use mobile phones and send e-mails without knowing how they work. With this in mind, here

Blockchain tech could halve banking revenue

Blockchain technology could swallow as much as 40% of global banking revenue by overtaking the verification of payment transactions, according to Farzam Ehsani, leader of Rand Merchant Bank’s blockchain initiative, who believes that in the future we

Bitcoin surges on Brexit vote outcome

Bitcoin was one of the few winners out of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, surging by as much as 13% as the decision fuelled demand for alternative assets. The digital currency jumped by 11% to US$681,68 as of 1.45pm

Bitcoin surges to two-year high

Bitcoin surged to a two-year high amid expectations supply of the digital currency will shrink next month. The cryptocurrency rallied to US$683,89 on Monday in Hong Kong, the highest since February 2014, according to data compiled by

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