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Eskom hopes the need for rolling blackouts will not arise on Monday as most businesses resume operations after the festive season. “The power system is currently constrained but stable,” the power utility’s spokesman Khulu Phasiwe said just after 10am. “At this stage, Eskom is able to

Finance minister Nhlanhla Nene says Eskom must sort out its problems because they are hurting the economy, according to Monday’s Business Report. Nene told the publication government was not able to help Eskom with day-to-day and operational issues

State-owned energy company Eskom began rolling blackouts at 11am on Friday. “Due to the electricity demand that has exceeded the supply, Eskom implemented load shedding Stage 1 from 11h00 until

There is no quick fix for the rolling blackouts, Eskom’s financial issues and its maintenance backlog, so South Africans will have to learn to “live with it”, an energy sector analyst said on Friday

Power utility Eskom is 21 days from going broke, the minister of public enterprises has confirmed. “Eskom will run out of money by the end of January,” minister Lynne Brown said this week. Brown confirmed the “pressure on the company’s liquidity

Eskom’s financial issues are partly responsible for the country’s rolling blackouts, it said on Friday. “Eskom does have financial issues. It is true that we are having financial crunch and we are currently in discussion

The risk of power cuts was high on Wednesday after two of Eskom’s generators failed, the power utility said. “Two generators failed and this is part of a number of other challenges within the systems which have exacerbated the situation,” spokesman Khulu Phasiwe said

The spectre of rolling blackouts returned on Tuesday morning after Eskom warned that there was a high probability of load shedding. “The electricity supply system is under servere pressure,” Eskom said on Twitter. “We urge everyone to switch off their geysers and air conditioning

The power grid was constrained but stable on Monday after a spike in electricity usage as people returned from holiday, Eskom said. “We are seeing a lot of demand, but we are able to supply. The risk of load shedding is low to medium

The Democratic Alliance on Sunday said it was concerned with a lack of clarity about the current state of South Africa’s power supply system as the new year took off. “The power utility and deputy president Cyril