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Eskom on Monday morning announced that the Medupi power station’s first unit will not come online by December 2013 as planned, with the more realistic deadline being the second half of 2014. This set the deadline of the whole project back by six months to a year. The delay was announced

One of the Medupi’s six 800MW units will not meet its deadline to deliver power to the grid by the end of the year, Eskom said on Monday. “Eskom has confirmed that the December 2013 target date is unlikely to be met. A more realistic target for the first synchronisation of unit six to the grid is the second half of 2014,” the

The unexpected delay in processing the Independent Systems and Market Operator Bill in parliament sends the wrong signals to investors, creates uncertainty in the market and hinders those trying to enter the electricity market, according to independent power producers. The bill is

The country’s electricity reserve margin slid to a perilously low 63MW, or 0,2%, early last week, heightening concerns that South Africa is a hair’s breadth from experiencing rolling power cuts. Despite the heightened risk, Eskom has several options to manage the very tight power system, said its spokesman, Hilary Joffe

Eskom denied on Tuesday morning that “load shedding” has started, according to an interview broadcast on radio station SAfm. According to radio reports, there were power cuts on Monday evening in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg, Greymont

Much has been made about green industry being a new vehicle for industrial development in South Africa. It is part of the industrial policy action plan. For now, the focus is mainly on increasing the local content of components, which fall under the renewable energy independent producers’ procurement programme

Construction on Eskom’s Sere wind farm in the Western Cape is well under way but its purported ability to produce electricity at a far cheaper price than independent power producers (IPPs) has raised questions about the repercussions for the fledgling renewables industry in South Africa

Google’s planned US$12m (R120m) investment in a US$260m solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant near Kimberley in the Northern Cape is simply a sound investment decision and will generate good publicity for the cash-rich online giant, according to industry analysts. On Thursday, Google announced that

Search giant Google is to invest US$12m (R120m) in the Jasper Power Project, a 96MW solar photovoltaic plant in South Africa’s arid Northern Cape province. When completed, Jasper will generate enough electricity to power 30 000 homes and will be one of the largest solar installations in Africa. Google has committed

Nissan has entered into a three-year research project with Eskom that will involve testing the Nissan Leaf, the Japanese vehicle manufacturer’s electric car, in South Africa. The project comes as Nissan South Africa prepared to launch the Leaf in South Africa, becoming the first commercially available fully electric