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Bitcoin slumps to below $7 500: this is why

Bitcoin fell to a six-week low, as selloff that began in early May dropped the cryptocurrency’s price below $7 500 for the first time since mid-April. Bitcoin slumped 7.3% to $7 495 as of 1.57pm in New York

How Sars plans to tax your bitcoin

The South African Revenue Service will continue to apply “normal income tax rules” to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and has urged taxpayers to declare cryptocurrency gains or losses as part of their

Cryptocurrency markets: a history of heists

The US$500m heist of digital tokens from Japanese exchange Coincheck on Friday is remarkable for its sheer size, but thefts in the lightly regulated world of cryptocurrencies are woefully frequent. In less than a

Cryptocurrency markets aren’t all the same

There’s a compelling reason to consider what’s going on with cryptocurrencies a purely speculative boom-and-bust roller-coaster: over a three-month period, the prices of all the top coins and tokens are rather strongly correlated

Cryptocurrencies tank amid clampdown fears

Bitcoin slumped as South Korea’s justice ministry reiterated a proposed ban on cryptocurrency venues, fuelling concern that a government crackdown will erode one of the world’s biggest sources of demand for digital currencies

Bitcoin nears $10 000 as crypto mania intensifies

Bitcoin is showing no signs of slowing down, blowing past $9 000 less than a week after topping $8 000 and now quickly closing in on five big figures. The price of the largest cryptocurrency by market value is soaring as it gains greater

Cryptocurrencies don’t belong in central banks

Should central banks embrace cryptocurrencies, or even pioneer their own? In a nutshell, no. Crypto assets are an unusual innovation, still in flux and often poorly understood. Trying to centralise them in a bureaucracy is exactly