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The most remarkable thing about Gravity, the new film from director Alfonso Cuarón, is how quiet it is for long stretches of its running time. Minutes go by where the only sounds you hear are radio chatter between its stranded astronauts and Houston – space is a vacuum, after all – and perhaps a few ominous

Director Alexander Payne was once the movies’ most acerbic observer of middle-aged masculinity. He has gone soft with his Oscar-baiting drama The Descendants, a slick but manipulative look at the trials a family endures after the mother is injured in a boating accident that puts her

From its punchy opening, a cinemagoer who goes to see The American knowing little about the film might expect to it keep up the brisk pace of a contemporary espionage actioner like the Jason Bourne trilogy throughout

Up in the Air, the new film from director Jason Reitman, feels at times like an overlong commercial for American…