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IBM has announced it will buy Red Hat, the world’s biggest Linux company, for $34-billion. That’s more than a quarter of IBM’s market capitalisation, and comes as the legacy computer giant tries to play catch-up in cloud computing.

IBM’s one-quarter growth streak is already in doubt. Shares of the technology company fell in early trading after it reported narrower profit margins and no revenue growth, excluding help from a weak US

After more than five years of declining sales, IBM says it will finally show investors it can grow again. Wall Street cheered, sending the shares up the most in more than eight years. Some of that sales boost will come from one of

IBM’s compensation plan for top executives drew record shareholder opposition after the board boosted CEOGinni Rometty’s pay package more than 60% last year. About 46% of the votes cast at the 25 April annual meeting in

Tech executives summoned to meet with Donald Trump in New York Wednesday had reason to suspect they were being lured into a trap. In the run-up to the election, the President-elect clashed with industry

President-elect Donald Trump invited technology leaders to a discussion next week in New York where Silicon Valley will begin building relationships with an incoming administration it initially distrusted and mostly criticised. Oracle co-CEO

As is customary at this time of the year, TechCentral is pleased to present its lists of who it considers are the biggest technology newsmakers over the past 12 months, both internationally and in South Africa. We kick it off, as always