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Duncan McLeod
The digital decade

Shortly after 2000, when the dot-com bubble burst, a pall was cast over the technology industry. Internet companies ran out of funding and hit the wall, the Nasdaq crashed and is still valued at a fraction of what it was at the height of the


The original version of the article, entitled “BlackBerry to open BBM to rivals?” contained speculation that, on balance, now appears to be largely incorrect. Because this…

Google keen to support SA wireless projects

US Internet giant Google is keen to invest in and support SA companies that want to build pilot wireless broadband networks using radio frequency spectrum currently reserved for television broadcasters. Neil Ahlsten, Google regional manager

Duncan McLeod
And now for Microkia

The technology industry has never been as volatile as it is now. For two giants of the sector, Microsoft and Nokia, it’s do-or-die time. They’re either going to beat back the new behemoths of mobile computing, Apple and Google, or fail trying. Microsoft has a habit of coming from

The state of telecoms in Africa

Africa’s road to high-speed broadband is being achieved in leaps and bounds. Every week brings news of another piece of the jigsaw fitting into place. This week it’s the completion of the national fibre backbone in one of Africa’s larger markets. However, there’s still

Gareth Knight
Why SA’s tech start-ups should look to Africa

There is no shortage of entrepreneurial energy in SA, with many talented people with great business ideas jostling for attention. Yet very few of the country’s technology start-ups manage to grow into sustainable businesses. Against that backdrop, it is worth taking a closer

Don MacRobert
The patent wars: a lawyer’s perspective

The Economist recently commented on the US$12,5bn bid by Google to acquire Motorola Mobility, the search giant’s biggest-ever deal. The magazine noted that the attraction for Google is not principally Motorola’s 19 000 employees, or even its 11% share of the US

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