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PC sales go into freefall

The personal computer industry is under severe pressure. New, preliminary data from research and analyst firm Gartner shows that 79,2m PCs were shipped in the first quarter of 2013, an 11,2% decline over the same quarter in 2012. This is the first time the number had fallen below 80m since the second quarter

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HP Envy X2 review: split personality

Expect to see a lot of machines like Hewlett-Packard’s new Envy X2 tablet/laptop hybrid on sale this year. It’s a form factor both Microsoft and PC makers are keen to bring to the market as they fight off the threat posed by Apple’s iPad and inject new energy and innovation into the PC business. It’s

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Folio 13 review: HP’s Ultrabook workhorse

Okay, so Hewlett-Packard isn’t exactly known for jaw-dropping notebook designs. But the machines it does make tend to be functional, dependable and, for the most part, reasonably priced. The same is true of the company’s new Folio 13-2000 Ultrabook

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HP Envy 6: pretty but placid

The Envy 6 is the latest in Hewlett-Packard’s range of laptops aimed at style-conscious consumers. It’s definitely good looking, but beneath its pretty skin it’s lacking in performance and feels somewhat cheaper than it should considering prices start at R10 999. HP has been hard at work in recent years

Impact on SA unclear as HP to shed jobs

It’s not yet known how Hewlett-Packard’s plan to shed 27 000 jobs in the next two and a half years will affect the company’s SA subsidiary. The IT giant said on Wednesday that it plans to shed the jobs, or about 8% of its worldwide workforce of nearly 350 000 people, by the end of its 2014 financial year

How HP designed a laptop with a 32-hour battery

When Hewlett-Packard engineers begin designing a new laptop, they bring in the battery experts like John Wozniak on the very first day. That’s part of what enabled HP to create a laptop with a 32-hour battery life. And that also tells you how important energy

HP ‘unlikely’ to sell PC unit after all

Hewlett-Packard is unlikely to sell its PC business and will probably choose to spin it off into a separate company still owned by HP, says Frank van Rees, the company’s SA MD. HP shocked the markets a month ago when it said it was considering spinning off or even

HP may turn its back on the PC business

Hewlett-Packard’s share price tanked in after-hours trade on Thursday after it said it was abandoning WebOS, its operating system for tablets and mobile devices, and pulling the plug on its Apple iPad rival, the TouchPad. What surprised the technology industry