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HTC, the Taiwanese handset manufacturer that recently overtook Nokia in terms of market value, is bringing a host of new Android smartphones to SA as it seeks to capitalise on its rapid international growth

Wow, it’s pretty. That’s the first thought I had when I picked up my first review smartphone running Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s attempt to stave off irrelevance in the mobile phone operating system market

MTN SA will begin offering firmware and operating system updates for HTC smartphones over the air. “Though we are initially targeting the HTC Desire, other phones will soon follow suit

Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC will be the first company to launch smartphones running Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system. HTC, whose products are distributed in SA by Leaf

The first thing one notices when picking up the iPhone 4 for the first time is its slick design. Pictures don’t do it justice. Apple has gone for a minimalist look with its new smartphone. It’s a bit like the step up from the old, bubble-shaped iMacs to the modern, integrated, liquid crystal display-based machines they are today.

Steven Ambrose of World Wide Worx Strategy makes his first appearance on the ZA Tech Show this week, joining Brett Haggard, Duncan McLeod and Simon Dingle to discuss the launch of the Apple iPad (and a few other things)

Welcome to our new “Best of the Web” daily feature, in which we summarise the big tech stories from around the world. Videogames are big business. If you were in any doubt of that, consider that the Christmas season’s big blockbuster, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, has just exceeded US$1bn in sales. It’s estimated that the game has sold more than 15m units since launch on 10 November 2009