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The end of the smartphone wars is almost here. Six years after Apple filed its first lawsuit alleging unauthorised copying of the iPhone, the company will square off at the US supreme court on Tuesday against rival Samsung Electronics. They will argue over

In electronics manufacturing, there’s no better sign you’ve made the big league than winning a deal to supply an international brand. Conversely, nothing says loser more than an international brand

I’m a technology cynic. Often, I simply can’t see the magic in the bottle that’s being advertised. Sometimes I just get hung up on semantics. For example, a conversation around Microsoft’s HoloLens once degenerated over my annoyance that everyone was referring to it

HTC’s One M8, the Taiwanese company’s flagship phone for 2014, was – and still is – is a great smartphone. In fact, TechCentral chose it as the best high-end smartphone of last year, ahead of Apple’s iPhone 6 and LG’s G3. And we weren’t the

As Samsung begins the first weekend of sales in South Africa of its new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and the curved-screen Galaxy S6 edge, rivals Apple and HTC are upping their game in the

Taiwan’s HTC, which has admitted to running both hot and cold on South Africa in recent years, has used the launch of its new flagship smartphone, the One M9, to reaffirm its commitment to the local market and to vow that it won’t repeat the mistakes it’s made here in

Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry were all victims of disruption. During the 1990s and 2000s, they shepherded the cellphone during its period of take-off into ubiquity. Then in the last five years, they all lost their leadership positions and are now on the

It’s Mobile World Congress time again, and that means most of the world’s smartphone manufacturers (notably barring Apple) are getting ready to wow audiences with their latest and greatest handsets

Taiwan’s HTC was one of the first smartphone manufacturers to discover that, in order to sell huge volumes of smartphones, you simply have to equip them with an impressive front-facing camera. If you think of it, that actually

Smartphone users have had plenty of options to choose from this year as the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers introduced flagship devices to eager audiences. Though the improvements over 2013’s models have been more iterative than revolutionary, the picks this year have stood