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I know what many of you are thinking: there is no way you’ll pay US$1 000 (R13 000 before import duties and other taxes) or more for an iPhone. Let’s revisit this thought in six months after you’ve sashayed out of your local phone

Apple unveiled the most highly anticipated new iPhone in years on Tuesday, and with the tech giant’s shares already up 40% in 2017, the device had to live up to high expectations. CEO Tim Cook and other executives took to the

Apple has unveiled its most important new iPhone for years to take on growing competition from Samsung Electronics, Google and a host of Chinese smartphone makers. CEO Tim Cook showed

Apple’s most important new phone for years will be called the iPhone X, according to a leak of the company’s latest mobile operating system on Saturday. Strings of software code inside of the leaked

Apple has set 12 September for its most significant new product announcement in years. The company plans to introduce three new iPhone models, a version of its Apple TV set-top box that can stream higher-quality, and a new

One of Apple’s most fiercely guarded secrets? The name of the next iPhone. It’s known that the device will launch later this year, complete with a stainless steel and glass body, a better screen and a speedy 3D sensor that

Ten years after Steve Jobs held up the original iPhone to a gushing San Francisco crowd, Apple is planning its most extensive iPhone lineup to date. Apple is preparing three iPhones for launch as soon as this fall, including