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The Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa) has called for further reductions in the fees Telkom charges ISPs for access to its fixed-line broadband network. The fees, known as Internet Protocol Connect (IPC) charges, were reduced by 30% in 2012, prompting

There is growing mystery surrounding telecommunications regulator Icasa’s plan to begin cracking open Telkom’s copper access network into homes and businesses to the fixed-line operator’s competitors. TechCentral has learnt that there

Telkom has agreed to allow rival Internet service providers to participate in trials to test its speedier broadband fixed-line network. This followed criticism from the Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa), an industry body, in which it suggested that the operator’s decision to restrict the tests to its own

The Durban Internet Exchange (Dinx), located at data centre operator Teraco’s Riverhorse Valley facility, joins the Johannesburg Internet Exchange (Jinx) and the Cape Town Internet Exchange (Cinx) as the third dedicated exchange in SA to go live. Its backers promise better local connectivity and network redundancy

Not only is Telkom appealing against the Competition Tribunal’s ruling that found the fixed-line operator guilty of anticompetitive behaviour, but now the Competition Commission has filed “cross appeal” against sections of the tribunal’s findings and wants Telkom to face a higher penalty than the R449m the tribunal imposed on

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa) has called on Telkom to allow service providers other than TelkomInternet to participate in its trial to test digital subscriber line (DSL) services of 20Mbit/s and 40Mbit/s. The trial started on 3 September and is scheduled to run until 31 January. Telkom is a wholesale

Internet service providers could be forced to monitor traffic on their networks to ensure their users aren’t infringing copyright and suspend those who are. This is contained in proposals put forward by the Copyright Review Commission. Service providers, telecommunications operators and other online

Telkom’s R449m fine handed down this week for anticompetitive practices could be only the start of its problems. Senior competition lawyers are expecting a string of damages claims from its competitors. The Competition Tribunal found Telkom guilty of anticompetitive practices, which opens

Government plans to establish a Broadband Inter-Governmental Implementation Committee to oversee and coordinate SA’s national broadband strategy and implementation. Government has said it wants to achieve universal broadband access in SA by 2020. The proposed committee will be tasked

Government wants universal access to broadband in SA by 2030 and part of this requires connecting SA schools. The Electronic Communications Amendment Bill, published late last week for comment, reexamines the controversial e-rate, in terms of which educational institutions benefit from