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TV’s digital migration boxed down

The road to digital migration in local television is paved with good ­intentions, vested ­interests, legal disputes and delays. In 2006, South Africa told the International Telecommunication Union it would switch from analogue to digital broadcasting by 2015 and the first digital migration policy

Zuma set to sack Pule

Weekend newspaper reports suggest that controversial communications minister Dina Pule is about to be sacked by President Jacob Zuma, with Lindiwe Zulu to take her place in the crucial portfolio. According to a report in the

Duncan McLeod
First as farce, then as tragedy

South Africa’s seemingly neverending migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television has been so beset by problems for so long that it would be almost comical if the repercussions for the country’s economy weren’t so serious. It’s been more than a year since South Africa

What Icasa’s digital TV regulations mean

Almost five years after then communications minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri published South Africa’s first policy document on digital terrestrial television migration, the country’s broadcasting regulator will publish its final regulations. Needless to say these regulations have been a long time

Duncan McLeod
A tragedy in the making

Public enterprises director-general Tshediso Matona said last week that government has made no decision about what it plans to do about the vexing question of Telkom. Ruling-party politicians are debating whether the company will remain listed on the JSE or

Duncan McLeod
SA’s damaging digital dawdle

The country’s move to digital TV has been plagued for years by delays and bad decisions. It’s tempting to call it a comedy of errors, except this isn’t funny. The delays could cost SA dearly, particularly as vast chunks of valuable spectrum being used by broadcasters needs to be freed up so

Duncan McLeod
The widening gyre

Events of the past week have shown that it’s become more urgent than ever that government sell its stake in Telkom . If it continues as a significant shareholder, it risks further undermining one of SA’s most important companies and inflicting long-term damage on SA’s economy. The opportune

Cabinet right to can KT deal

The past few years have been significant for Telkom. The market has shifted significantly and, after a slew of CEOs, it appears Nombulelo Moholi and her management team are getting things back on track. The advances of a company as big and successful

Neotel trips up Telkom

In what could be a landmark decision for SA’s telecommunications sector, and for consumers, the Independent Communications Authority of SA’s (Icasa’s) complaints and compliance committee on Friday appeared to open the door for Neotel to gain access to Telkom’s “last-mile” copper network. A written decision

Roy Padayachie dies on visit to Ethiopia

Former communications minister Roy Padayachie has passed away while on an official visit to Ethiopia. Padayachie, who was serving in President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet as minister of public service & administration, was also a former deputy communications minister under the late Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri