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Roy Padayachie dies on visit to Ethiopia

Former communications minister Roy Padayachie has passed away while on an official visit to Ethiopia. Padayachie, who was serving in President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet as minister of public service & administration, was also a former deputy communications minister under the late Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri

Digital TV in SA: what went wrong

If you worked for five years on one project and had little to show for your efforts, would your boss fire you? The government has been plugging away at the digital terrestrial television migration now for half a decade and the broadcasting sector says the building blocks are still not in place. So what went wrong? And, why

Duncan McLeod
One step forward, one step back

The National Planning Commission’s National Development Plan, published on Friday, makes a number of sensible, market-friendly proposals to grow SA’s information and communications technology industry. One of the most important is the idea of spectrum trading

Gov’t under fire over EC Act amendments

The GSM Association, an influential industry body that represents most of the world’s mobile operators, has warned that centralising spectrum decisions in SA’s ministry of communications could result in spectrum being allocated to companies or government agencies that

Duncan McLeod
Telkom’s chickens come home to roost

Years after complaints were first lodged, Telkom is finally being called to answer to charges that it abused its monopoly in the telecommunications industry. It could face a huge fine. But the foreign shareholders responsible for the excesses are gone. When SBC

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Now let’s go rural

The department of communications is working on a number of long overdue projects that could have a profound impact on the technology sector. If it delivers on its new approach, SA has a good chance of building a more competitive

Duncan McLeod
Beyond just talk?

Rustenburg was the scene last weekend of a summit involving technology industry CEOs and communications minister Roy Padayachie. The industry agreed to expand Internet access to all and find ways of creating 1m new jobs in nine years. At face value

Duncan McLeod
Broadband prices: how low can they go?

The great broadband price wars of 2011 are hotting up. Barely a week goes by without a mobile operator or Internet service provider announcing lower tariffs or a new special offer on bandwidth. Arguably, though, they’re just getting

Local-loop unbundling comes ‘too late’

Too little, too late.” This was the general reaction of Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and telecommunications analysts last week after the regulator released its discussion document

Infraco on the mend, says new CEO

State-owned broadband infrastructure company Broadband Infraco has had a tough few months. But acting CEO, Andrew Shaw, reckons the company is getting itself sorted out and will make a meaningful impact