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Minister in the presidency and National Planning Commission head Trevor Manuel has warned that South Africa is falling behind in information technology and has issued a challenge to the industry to turn the situation around. Manuel was speaking at the State IT Agency’s

If you worked for five years on one project and had little to show for your efforts, would your boss fire you? The government has been plugging away at the digital terrestrial television migration now for half a decade and the broadcasting sector says the building blocks are still not in place. So what went wrong? And, why

The department of communications has yet to find a candidate to fill its long-vacant position of director-general. However, Tiyani Rikhotso, spokesman for communications minister Roy Padayachie, says the process is

Communications minister Roy Padayachie has just a day left to meet a self-imposed deadline to appoint a new director-general at the department of communications. Rumours are already circulating

Screamer Telecoms was still using Sentech’s radio frequency spectrum as recently as October 2009, internal Sentech documents leaked to TechCentral have revealed. This is despite the state-owned company cancelling the agreement with Screamer

As a regulator, there is need to pause and take stock, determining to what extent the socioeconomic policy objectives have been advanced. In this regard one has to take into cognisance the regulatory toolkit, which includes the licensing process, ensuring competition, enforcing universal service obligations and facilitating the equitable and meritocratic allocation of scarce frequency resources