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MTN Business reckons retailers that fail to embrace mobile risk falling behind their peers. At the same time, mobile solutions present an opportunity for smaller retailers to remain competitive in the face of big, international entrants

When African countries complete their migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television, they will free up a big chunk of valuable radio frequency spectrum that should, if managed properly, take wireless broadband

There is a sense of a “take no prisoners” attitude about Angela Gahagan when I meet her for this profile interview. The MTN Business managing executive is sitting, impeccably dressed, at the company’s boardroom table

MTN Business, the business communications division of cellular operator MTN, is stepping up its fight with Telkom and alternative network operators with the introduction this week of UniPresence

Telkom’s attempt to have one of two potentially damaging competition cases against it quashed has been dashed by the Competition Tribunal. The case relates to allegations of abuse of dominance referred to

MTN Business has won a multimillion-rand tender to supply fibre-optic-based communications to beer giant SA Breweries. The contract, which comes into effect next month, is for the supply

Internet service providers have slammed Mweb’s decision to cut off its transit links, saying the company ought to have engaged in discussions instead of taking the fight to the media. Last week, MWeb cut off its transit links with Telkom’s wholesale Internet access

Telkom on Monday called on the Competition Tribunal to quash two referrals by the Competition Commission and Internet Solutions (IS) that could see it fined up to R3,5bn for alleged anticompetitive behaviour. In October last year, the commission referred a case of anticompetitive behaviour

With MTN’s cellular network acquisitions in emerging markets on hold, analysts say the group can probably be considered a mature business. But there are still opportunities in the business services sector, they say. MTN told shareholders on Thursday that acquisition opportunities in emerging markets are becoming harder to find.

I’m sometimes asked by investors whether the growth story has gone out of SA telecommunications stocks. A series of regulations, coupled with growing competition and a weak economy, is putting pressure on operators’ margins. Is it time for investors to abandon the sector? Before I attempt to answer that question, it’s worth looking back at how the telecoms sector in SA has developed over the past decade