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Duncan McLeod
A race for smarties

Operating systems were all the talk last week at Mobile World Congress, the cellphone industry’s annual confab in Barcelona. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Nokia and others are engaged in a battle over whose software will run the next generation of smartphones

Video: Intel, Nokia unveil MeeGo

Nokia and Intel have announced that they will merge the best elements of their Maemo and Moblin Linux-based mobile operating systems to create the new MeeGo…

ZA Tech Show: Episode 96

This week, security expert Dominic White makes his debut on the show. He joins Brett Haggard, Duncan McLeod and Simon Dingle to discuss the ongoing Google-China debacle, free Nokia maps, Telkom’s Sat-3 problems, and much more

Video: Firefox for Mobile

Madhava Enros, user experience lead for Firefox for Mobile, provides a demonstration of the popular Web browser running on a Nokia N900 device with the Linux-based…

ZA Tech Show: Episode 78

Duncan McLeod, Brett Haggard and Simon Dingle are in the studio (and via Skype) to discuss interconnection rates, Snow Leopard, Nokia World, Google Street View in SA, and much more

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