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Inside Intel’s self-driving car megadeal

Intel’s expensive splurge at the car dealership makes sense, but it’s also clear that hype for the next generation of automotive technology is getting out of hand. Intel said Monday it will acquire Mobileye, an Israeli company

The extraordinary rise of chip maker Nvidia

When Paulina Sliwinska, a fund manager at Edinburgh-based Baillie Gifford & Co, made the trip to Silicon Valley looking for the next big thing in technology, she found it – not in a hot start-up run by a

BMW in race to build car of the future

BMW is accelerating plans to acquire technology expertise in a race with the likes of Apple and Google to make cars smart enough to react like human drivers. The German automaker is pushing to acquire start-ups, partner with

With Ivy Bridge, Intel poses threat to Nvidia

Intel’s just-unveiled Ivy Bridge processor family promises faster processing power and better graphics, thanks to a massively-enhanced integrated graphics system. The news has prompted some analysts to say that Ivy Bridge could mean doom for manufacturers of dedicated graphics cards, such as Nvidia and AMD, because Ivy Bridge is just that

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Motorola Xoom review: fit but fat tablet

Motorola’s Xoom has (finally) gone on sale in SA. Though it was originally regarded as the ultimate Android response to Apple’s iPad, much has changed since it was first released in international markets in February. TechCentral’s Craig Wilson spent some time