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I have such a complicated relationship with Google and Facebook that I sometimes find it hard to write about them. I don’t mean complicated in the sense of conflict of interest, although it is true that one of the organisations I do work for now receives funding from Google, so there is that, but what I am really talking about is

The future will be about getting more people online, sometimes in unexpected ways, about technology that interacts without our physiology, about reevaluating how education works, and about expanding our existing communications networks beyond our own planet

Just as undersea and terrestrial fibre connectivity is booming around and in Africa, an explosion in satellite capacity serving the region is also under way. The “dark continent” is getting connected to the global village. This week’s annual Satcom conference

O3b Networks, which plans to launch a constellation of medium-earth orbit satellites by 2013, has signed a multimillion-dollar agreement with SA’s Mavoni Technologies to bring broadband to rural areas. O3b wants