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Like the proverbial cat with nine lives, South Africa’s scandal-ridden president, Jacob Zuma, may well have escaped yet again with his political life. This despite another resounding loss in the country’s highest

South Africa is fast approaching a crossroads at which it must choose between structural reform and a lurch to populist nationalism. So, too, is its governing ANC, which later this year must elect a successor to its president, Jacob Zuma. With

Jacob Zuma apologised on national television just before 8pm on Friday evening after a dramatic 36 hours that ended with him hanging onto power by a thread. The day before his televised apology the country’s highest court, the constitutional court

South Africa’s political landscape is shifting almost by the hour. The gloves are off in a power struggle that pits President Jacob Zuma against a group of reformers, led by finance minister Pravin Gordhan. It is a high-stakes drama that has profound, long-term